Hear from Australia’s #1 Hair & Beauty
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To Avoid When Launching a New Product


This is The Product Launch eBook You Need to Avoid The Mistakes That Kill A Successful Launch

The 11 Launch-Killer Mistakes eBook uncovers just eleven of the many frequent mistakes made when launching a product, brand or program in the hair and beauty market.

The Hair & Beauty market witnesses’ product, brand and event launches every month – they’ve become the lifeblood and evolutionary catalyst for the industry.

However, a successful launch requires many things of you, the marketer or owner. You need to position, market, generate and enable sales. Achieving all of that (at once) means you need to possess a long list of expertise, confidence and know-how … but the truth is that not many people have all of those things packed in their toolkit of skills.

That’s where this eBook steps in to help.

Written for novice and advanced launchers alike, The 11 Launch-Killer Mistakes highlights common errors and gives tips (and bonus templates) to plan, execute and scale your product launch.


The eBook covers mistakes in the areas of:

  • Planning
  • Positioning
  • Costing
  • Training
  • Promoting

The 11 Launch-Killer Mistakes comes with three invaluable COMPANION BONUSES that provide guidance and easy-to-use templates for product launchers:

  1. Launch Like A Pro Check List
  2. Pre-Launch Timeline Planner [template]
  3. Product Costing Worksheet [template]

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Written by Neil Osborne, founder of The SALES CATALYST and Australia’s #1 Hair & Beauty Sales Growth Expert, the eBook shares his experience in sales and marketing within the Australian Hair & Beauty marketplace.

It gives an insider’s view of the many launch hurdles set to trip up experienced pros and newbies to the salon market. After having experienced both launch success and failure, Neil knows exactly what’s needed to gain customers and grow salon sales – especially at launch time.

“This eBook is FREELY available so that everyone can experience the thrill of a successful product launch.”

~Neil Osborne, The SALES CATALYST


No matter whether you’re new to launching or an experienced professional, The 11 Launch-Killer Mistakes will be your new go-to launch resource.


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